Forever Fund Projects

The funds raised through the sale of land has allowed the Trust to fund a number of local projects each year.

To date, North Berwick Trust Ltd has awarded a total of £1,520,996.71 to support individuals and organisations living or operating within North Berwick.

The Trust are proud to have supported over 200 projects for the benefit of our local community. These projects have been wide-ranging from across our funding themes including support for the Lobster Hatchery, North Berwick Rugby and Football Club, North Berwick Environment and Heritage Trust and Fringe by the Sea.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Trust also took action by offering unprecedented relief grants for local businesses. We are delighted to have been able to support 53 local businesses and groups, including the North Berwick Community Council Resilience Effort.

In our most recent grants round (spring 2024), the Trust awarded £99,352.50 to support 13 projects, as listed below. As usual, the projects are very diverse and will benefit a wide cross-section of the community.

Name of Awardee
Name of Project
Project Award
British Society of Lifestyle Medicine
Live Well East Lothian.
East Lothian Walking Festival
East Lothian Walking Festival 2024.
East Lothian Yacht Club
Roofing of Clubhouse.
Haddington Citizens Advice Bureau
Advice for All Service for North Berwick.
Individual Applicant
Family Application Fees for Indefinite Leave to Remain.
Leuchie House
Guest Engagement Programme.
NBCC Christmas Lights committee
North Berwick Christmas Lights Event.
North Berwick Bowling Club
Club Maintenance.
North Berwick Law Race Organising Team
North Berwick Law Race 2024.
North Berwick Songwriter Group
Showcase and Recordings 2024.
Rotary Club of North Berwick
Umbrella Walk.
The wave Project Scotland
Mental Health Surf Therapy Project.

The General Grants fund will open twice in 2024:

Spring 2024

Open for applications from Wednesday 27th March. 

Deadline Wednesday 8th May at 12 noon. 

Autumn 2024

Open for applications from Wednesday 21st August. 

Deadline Wednesday 2nd October at 12 noon. 

The Trust welcomes applications for up to £32,000 from organisations, charities or individuals in need who live or operate within North Berwick. For more information, see our Forever Fund page.

If you would like to discuss potential applications or need help in applying, please contact the Trust’s Grants and Communications Manager on 07874625206 or email [email protected].

Click on the images below to read more about the projects funded by North Berwick Trust.

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