Beach Huts Project

With the help of a North Berwick Trust Grant, the North Berwick Harbour Trust Association installed six new beach huts on the town’s esplanade. They are reminiscent of the original North Berwick beach huts which disappeared from the Harbour many years ago. The Association applied for part-funding for the new Beach Hut Project to once again provide spaces and facilities for the local community and businesses.

The community benefited from the start of the project, as two local joinery firms were tasked with delivering and installing the huts in April 2017. Over the summer, the popular huts housed a range of local community crafts, pottery, hatchery and fishery start-ups. Playing a part in the summer Fringe by the Sea festival, the huts became a frequent stop off for locals and visitors alike.

The Beach Hut project continues to grow, as customisations have recently been made to accommodate Beach Wheelchairs. The Association looks forward to many more successful summer seasons.

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