Our Vision

North Berwick Trust Ltd (NB Trust) is a local charity working to help make North Berwick a great place to be!

A copy of the Trust’s Strategic Framework document can be downloaded here.

Our Vision

The following Vision has been agreed for the Trust.

Helping to make North Berwick a great place to be – more sustainable, resilient, vibrant, inclusive and equitable.

Our Mission

The following Mission has been agreed to reflect what the Trust exists to do. It is sufficiently comprehensive to encompass all of the Trust’s anticipated activities – investment, development of land and amenities, grant-giving – and flexible enough to enable the Trust to explore and make the most of any opportunities which may arise in the future.

Working in partnership with others, North Berwick Trust uses its resources to help meet identified community needs and improve the quality of life of the residents of North Berwick.

Strategic Aims/Funding Themes

The Trust has agreed the following Strategic Aims. The first five Strategic Aims also comprise the Trust’s Funding Themes, both for its own projects and in supporting others through its grant-giving programme.

  • To support and enhance recreational, cultural and sporting activities and facilities for our community
  • To support and enhance educational and lifelong learning opportunities for our community
  • To conserve and enhance the natural environment and public green space in North Berwick, and improve the sustainability of our community
  • To conserve and enhance the historic and built environment of North Berwick
  • To help those in need in our community
  • To ensure that funds are available to benefit the North Berwick community in the long term (‘the North Berwick Forever Fund’)
  • To sustain and develop North Berwick Trust

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