North Berwick Trust Grants Group. From left to right: Allison Cosgrove (Community Member), Libby Morris (Trustee & Vice-Chair), Linsey Shields (Community Member) and Olwyn Owen (Trustee & Grants Chair).

About Our Grant Programs

Established in 2018, from funds raised through the sale of land, North Berwick Trust’s Forever Fund now awards grants to a number of local projects each year. To date, North Berwick Trust has awarded a total of £1,421,644.21 to support individual and organisations living or operating within North Berwick.

The Trust are proud to have supported 191 projects for the benefit of our local community. These projects have been wide-ranging from across our funding themes including support for the Lobster Hatchery, North Berwick Rugby and Football Club, carers of East Lothian and Fringe by the Sea.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Trust also took action by offering unprecedented relief grants for local businesses. We are delighted to have been able to support 53 local businesses and groups, including the North Berwick Community Council Resilience Effort.

In 2022, North Berwick Trust launched its Young Persons Scholarship scheme. £10,000 in total is available shared between up to 3 young people age 14-25 to help them fulfil their career ambitions.

Read more about projects supported by North Berwick Trust’s Forever Fund. 

APPLY NOW to the Forever Fund or Young Person’s Scholarship.

Please note that North Berwick Trust will not consider applications for grants out with the normal grants timetable other than in the most exceptional circumstances. However, potential applicants can approach the Trust to seek advice at any time.

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