North Berwick’s Baptist Church Shines!

The Baptist Church is situated in a prominent position on Victoria Road in North Berwick. The church approached the Trust for funding towards much needed church hall repairs.  The church hall had deteriorated significantly and was a structural concern. Urgent repairs were needed to prevent further deterioration and possible collapse.

Grant funding was sought to assist with the road facing elevation of the church hall. This elevation faces directly onto Victoria Road which is a popular thoroughfare for residents and visitors wishing to access the beach and coastal attractions. The building fabric of the church hall had deteriorated significantly and was a major structural concern. The concrete lintels had spall and the steel reinforcement was exposed due to poor detailing and high salt content within the sea air. In addition, the windows had become distorted and warped due to the loading from the faulty lintel above. There was concern that the roof could soon be affected by movement within the wall. The biggest concern of all was that the wall could collapse and cause serious injury (or fatality) to a member of the public.

North Berwick Trust Ltd were proud to be able to offer funding to support the repair of this iconic building for the benefit of our local community and visitors in addition to members of the church and community activity groups who use the hall. The church hall is known to have been the work of renowned architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh and includes his signature style of window casement. The Trust are delighted to see this historic building on Victoria Road shine once more!

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