Our History

"The North Berwick Trust was established in 1973"

The North Berwick Trust was established in 1974 by the Provost, Magistrates and Councillors of the Royal Burgh of North Berwick for the benefit of the residents of the burgh and their dependents. The North Berwick Trust is a Registered Scottish Charity (SCO00135: registered on 1st May 1975) and is now a Limited Company.

When it was formed, the Trust acquired 103 acres of land at Mains Farm from the (then) Town Council and, until 2015, managed and safe-guarded that land within its Charitable Purpose. In 2015 some of the land was sold for development, which has resulted in the Trust substantially increasing its income and activities. The Trust’s financial assets are currently around £15 million. 50 acres of land remain in Trust ownership. The Trust is now a significant local grant-giving organisation and disburses funds for the benefit of the community in line with the conditions stated in the Trust Deed.

The Trust’s Strategic Framework sets out its strategy for benefiting the community, both by proactively leading and managing projects itself and by awarding grants. The overall Strategic Framework is applicable to all of the Trust’s activities and can be viewed on the Vision page.

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