Coastal Communities Museum

In 2013, the Coastal Communities Museum opened its doors to display a variety of exhibitions that tell the story of the North Berwick Coastal Area community. The museum relies on grants, donations and a volunteer workforce to successfully conceive, research, and host exhibitions.

As the museum grew to include not just the story of North Berwick but the wider coastal community, Museum Trustees applied for a North Berwick Trust grant to fund the purchase of a new display cabinet to accommodate enhanced exhibits.

The environment and safety features of the new state-of-the-art cabinet make it possible for the Museum to exhibit items that were once deemed too precious and valuable to be displayed insecurely. With this new cabinet, the Museum is able to borrow and safeguard higher value items from other lenders.

Without the grant from NBT, we simply wouldn’t have been able to buy the cabinet and the exhibitions would have been the poorer for that. This cabinet will remain an asset for the museum well into the future.”
– Gordon Moodie, Chairman of the Coastal Communities Museum

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