Our grants programme is changing to help deal with the impact of Covid-19

This is a deeply anxious time for everyone, but it is also heartening to see how well the North Berwick community is rising to the challenge and working together to help our older residents and people who are ill or feeling alone.

North Berwick Trust Limited has been considering how best we can play our part. In view of the very difficult time that many in our community may face in the coming weeks and months, we have decided to pause our regular grants programme. Instead, we will use the money available this time round to support families and people in our community who are in urgent need as a result of the impact of Covid-19.

We are exploring how best to do this with partner organisations, including the Community Council’s resilience response and the Community Centre’s Kindness Cooperative, and we will issue a further statement as soon as possible, once arrangements are in place.

Meanwhile, we want to reassure all those organisations who have already been awarded grants, but not yet completed their projects. We will honour all of the awards already made  and we will work with you to review the timescales of projects if the Covid-19 emergency affects your ability to carry them out as originally planned.

Watch this space for further information – and stay safe.


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