Law Primary Woodland Clean-up for Outdoor Learning

In February 2024   North Berwick Trust, in partnership with North Berwick in Bloom, arranged for a beautiful area of woodland adjacent to Law Primary School to be cleared.
North Berwick Trust funded this project at a cost of over £7000.
The space was previously full of debris, overgrown and unsafe for the school to use. A mini excavator was hired to scrape the top surface of the whole woodland, removing rubbish and uncovering pre-existing pathways.
Thank you to contractors Anderson landscaping and gardening services for carrying out the work so quickly.
Thank you also to Bass Rock Community Group and members of North Berwick in Bloom for coming along last Friday to help with a final tidy up.
North Berwick Trust’s Chair, Sir David Tweedie, and Vice-Chair, Dr Libby Morris, met with Law Primary Depute Head Teachers Sally Penman and Ailsa Swinburne to hand the space back over to the school. We are all delighted with the transformation!
The school will now continue to develop the space to use for outdoor learning, with help from the children and school community. There are plans to plant daffodils and wildflowers as part of the school’s 50th anniversary celebrations.
We hope the children enjoy having the woodland on their doorstep.


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